Hi Retirement Coaches,

I’m excited to be on this journey with you towards RQ Certification.  In the coming weeks we will organize the training online for easier access but for now I felt it was best to get the training into your hands while the fire was hot. Here are your next steps

Take the RQ assessment. Email me at rl.robertlaura@gmail.com to get access, if you haven’t.

Read your report the first time like you are a client and then the second time as a coach.  Jot down your thoughts and feelings and as many notes before starting the training.

Pay for the RQ Assessment training. Here’s a link for the initial training of $159.00. This includes access to the training videos, marketing templates, sales material, sample reports and your first five RQ assessments (your personal RQ assessment does not count towards the five).

Watch the training videos and review the attached material. Altogether, this will take 4-6 hours.

Getting Started

RQ One Sheet Personal.pdf – This document gives a quick overview of the assessment, process, and report.

RQ Assessment Questions RL.pdf – A physical copy of all the assessment questions.  This way you have a reference copy as to what clients are seeing online and other professionals can get a sense of the types of questions being asked.  This should not be handed out or given to others but can be shown when you’re meeting with them.

Client Sample RQ Report.pdf – A sample client report.  This is something you can share with prospects as well as other professionals to illustrate the heft and depth of the resulting report.

RQ Assessment Training Manual_General Overview and Initial Marketing.docx – A word document that provides some general language about the assessment and report which you can be modified or picked and chosen from to add to your website or other services / packages. Some email templates to reach out to prospects, share the results, and more. Some marketing soundbites you can begin to use on social media and other platforms / media announcements.

Sales & Marketing

RQ One Sheet Personal.pdf – (repeated)

RQ Assessment Questions RL.pdf – (repeated)

Client Sample RQ Report.pdf – (repeated)

Client Sample RQ Report Highlights.pdf – A highlighted sample client report.  It is the same client sample report as earlier except for this version has “yellow” highlighted areas to help guide your discussion with professionals.

RQ Assessment Training Manual_General Overview and Initial Marketing.docx – (repeated)

Instructional Video: Invite and Retrieve Client Reports

Up to this point, much of the training and attachments were focused on providing an overview, sales and marketing. The next three handouts and subsequent videos focus on understanding and delivering the RQ report to a client.

Working with Professionals

Working With Professionals_Highlighted Sample Report 2.pdf – Working with Professionals Script. Since this is all relatively new to everyone, I have also developed an initial script to use when you are discussing the highlighted sample client report with other professionals.

Understanding and Delivering the RQ Report:  The Discussion Page 

Discussing the RQ Report Discussion page.pdf – Questions and responses for discussion page.  Page two of the report carries the most weight.  This reference page gives you quick access to the information used in each of the boxed areas as well as guided thoughts and questions.

Understanding and delivering the RQ Report:  Three Key Areas

RQ Multilayer questions and responses.pdf – Multi-layer questions reference page.  Highlights area of the report where similar responses to specific questions types are grouped together.  Referenced in the personal life section.

Understanding and delivering the RQ Report:  Summary and Next steps 

I know there are a lot of moving parts to digest here.  Please take your time, review the videos at your own pace, and take lots of notes on the support materials.

We will have additional Q&A sessions and have the training material in one place online for easier access soon.  Thank you for your patience and for being a part of changing the world of retirement.


Bob Laura