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Module 5 Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 7 of the 10 questions below (at least 70%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Having a great house, respected career, family membership at the country club, and plenty of money saved, is all that is necessary for a successful retirement.
Question #2: What are the two biggest lifestyle issues facing retirees?
Question #3: A sudden inability to equate what one does with who one is can cause some retirees to lose their sense of purpose and stability.
Question #4: The Retirement Perception Quiz aims to
Question #5: Clients develop a “curious list” with the intent that they will try to become experts on or achieve everything they have wondered about.
Question #6: According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, what was the primary reason retirees stopped working earlier than they expected due to
Question #7: According to psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the five stages of grief are:
Question #8: Coaches can validate how the client feels by saying something along the following lines
Question #9: As part of Kubler-Ross’s five stages these stages, many people can also experience both mental and physical symptoms including
Question #10: Which of the following would be considered forms of disenfranchised grief?