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Module 7 Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 8 of the 11 questions below (at least 70%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Which of the following are true about the reality of natural aging?
Question #2: Which of the following is not included in the four factors of physical health?
Question #3: Clients need to consistently monitor health related numbers, including:
Question #4: Functional fitness is the ability to run, jump, swim, and perform other activities that allow people to begin successful workout plans.
Question #5: The Retirement Well-Being exercise is designed to highlight
Question #6: If a person’s body and soul are filled with fear, resentment, worry, guilt, anger, or other emotional issues, it will show up in physical appearance and behavior.
Question #7: Sexual activity has many health benefits including:
Question #8: Many of the factors that contribute to sexuality and intimacy issues in retirement are the same factors that affect people of all ages.
Question #9: Staying socially connected and engaged with other people is an important part of successful aging and hearing aids may help facilitate that.
Question #10: The three most common health-care costs that are not covered by Medicare are those related
Question #11: Adjusting to dentures requires re-learning how to chew and taste. Altered textures can change the way food is perceived, which affects taste, appetite, and nutrition.