Are You Ready To Inspire, Educate, and Help People Retire Well?

YOU’RE INVITED to attend a live webinar on Tuesday April 26th at 7:00 PM EST.  During the 45 minute presentation, retirement expert and founder Robert Laura will:

  • Teach you how to carve out your niche in one of the hottest and fastest growing markets
  • Help you understand the profound impact you can have in the retirement planning process
  • Discuss what it means to be a retirement coach and the steps toward a professional certification
  • Share why this certification program stands above the rest
  • Go over the coaching tools available with the program as well as strategies, and best practices
  • Help you acquire new knowledge and skills that can be applied to your own retirement plan, to start your own coaching business, or to enhance your current business.

3 Reasons To Attend & Become A Certified Professional Retirement Coach

  1. Most people enter retirement with a financial plan but don’t have a plan to replace their work identity, fill their time, stay connected and relevant, or keep mentally and physically sharp. Furthermore, they don’t know who to turn to in order to help them plan for this… which is exactly where a Retirement Coach like you comes in.
  2. Learn coaching methods and skills to help people see retirement in a new light and make the most of their time during it. Save people years of heartache and pain trying to figure it out on their own.
  3. Discover how offering Rretirement Coaching can help you better plan and maximize your own retirement by developing a new and exciting way to generate income, engage people in a life changing way, and in the process, be part of something that is bigger than you and helps others create a happy, healthy, and connected retirement.